Nuro Audio was created for a single purpose - to provide music makers around the world with the next generation of music production tools.

So we naturally asked ourselves: what should music production look like over the next decade and beyond?

Our thought experiments lead us down a few different paths - what if it's all AI tools that make you sound like xyz artist with just the click of the button? That almost seemed dystopian to us - because where's the creativity in that?

What if it's all oversimplified one-knob plugins that give you xyz sound? Again - we didn't like that outcome because it doesn't inspire creativity.

And then it hit us.

The Next Generation of Music Production Tools

We saw the way that music producers interacted with existing tools and how it was incredibly clunky most of the time.

Not only that - it takes weeks, months, or even years to get a complete grasp of what exactly the tools are doing, much less how to use them to achieve the sound you want to hear.

That's because - up until now - most all of our best tools are designed considering hardware limitations and technical engineering parameters that aren't always apparent what they do to the sound.

Take compression for example - it's a vital part of any modern mix. But it takes years to truly master the use of the various types of compressor, especially on something as delicate as a vocal track.  

Once you master how to use all of the different types of compressor, you find that there are many ways to get creative with them. Using different types of compressors in different chains to achieve different tones, setting your attack and release a certain way to get smoother or more aggressive tones, and much more.

The Past

The Future


So we thought - why not give music makers the ability to tap into that creativity, but package it in a clear and super easy-to-use interface? With Xvox - that's exactly what we did.

A creative choice that used to require 5 years of studying the tools and learning the technical ins and outs - can now be made by anyone in just 5 minutes, even by a complete beginner.

This is just one of dozens of ways in which we bridge the gap for music makers by providing tons of power and creative control through intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces.

We're giving you all the power to be as creative as you want, while still making it easy enough for a complete beginner to get started getting pro sounds after just a few minutes of playing with the tool.

That's the future we're making.

No Compromises

Every single algorithm is rigorously perfected for not only the sound quality, but also the performance.

By using the latest advancements and DSP technologies, we are constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible. Because our tools are meant for everyone - no matter what genre, style, taste, or track you're working on.

We don't stop until it's absolutely perfect. No compromises.

Connect with us!

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- The Nuro Audio Team